Homework Assistance

It happens to everyone: you weren’t paying attention when the teacher explained mitosis, you forgot to take notes that day, or you were out sick—sometimes students simply don’t have the information necessary to complete their homework. Luckily, when you don’t have all the information necessary to complete school work in the classroom, it can often be found elsewhere. Check out these HW help resources.

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Homework Tips And Tools

School is a lot of work. High school students are there for at least six hours every day learning, and when the school day is over, it can be very difficult to get more school work done at home. Unfortunately for students, homework is an integral part of school, and that doesn’t seem likely to change. Don't miss these tips and tools that might help make doing homework easier.

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Time Management & Organization Tips

The real secret to getting school work done in a home environment is time management. Whateve the assignment may be, being organized and managing your time well will allow you to finish it on time and in a way that you can be proud of. Use these practical tips to get the results you're looking for.

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Homework in College

After finishing high school, students might think their homework days are over. This is not a correct assumption. While some college classes may chose not to issue homework and instead rely on exams to gauge student performance, many college and university classes still send work home with students. This article will help you learn how to cope with post-secondary HW.

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Cheap Textbooks

In high school, textbooks are most often provided by schools. So for many students, textbook prices in college can come as quite a shock. The textbooks available for purchase from colleges and universities tend to be very expensive. Students can spend as much as $500 or more per semester on textbooks. Luckily, there are alternatives to buying full-price textbooks.

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Homework Tips to Help You Excel

It's likely that when you think of homework, "heavenly" is not the adverb that comes to mind. In fact, for most, the idea of spending hours slogging through a ton of homework seems rather hellish.

That's exactly why Homework Heaven is here for you. We've compiled a helpful mass of resources to help students tackle their homework woes.  

Resources For Teachers

Teachers play a huge role in motivating kids to learn, but it is not an easy job. Coming up with lesson plans and homework activities can be difficult, but there are resources available that can assist teachers in preparing for their school day. Below are some tips to use when designing their lesson plans or creating homework assignments for students.

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Educational Games

Sometimes it can be difficult to get kids to do homework, or anything educational. Instead of reading, they play videogames. But, as Mary Poppins so perfectly demonstrated, turning learning into a game makes it easier to involve children and when they are having fun and paying attention, they will learn more efficiently.

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How to Help Students Learn at Home and During the Summer

It’s important to keep children involved in their school work. This is true both over the weekends and over the summer holidays. Children who are used to homework are better able to complete it, and keeping them in the habit of active learning helps them to be better students in the future.

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